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Weekender & Night-timer Production Assistant


Thunderbolt Radio and Digital in Martin and Union City, Tn is looking for the perfect person to do some fun work on nights and weekends! This is a great opportunity to get your “feet wet” in the broadcasting business and quite possibly make a career for yourself!

Thunderbolt Radio is a locally owned and operated radio station group that includes WCDZ FM 95.1, KYTN FM 104.9, WQAK FM 105.7, WCMT FM 101.3, WCMT AM 1410, 92.7 FM, 96.1 FM, 99.7 FM, 100.5 FM & 103.3 FM !


Description: Entry-level position. If you’ve ever aspired to do what a real disc jockey does, this job may be for you! We are looking for a self-motivated candidate with a passion for technology and fun (as well as someone looking for longevity in a broadcasting career)! Some of the responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to: mixing audio during a live broadcast, using computers to play music and commercials, talking “on the air” live, communicating with on-location on-air talent, voice tracking, using a computer to record audio, working together with other employees to complete tasks, and working on-site at special events. The candidate will also be required to assist with updating the web site and ensuring our digital products are on-line and broadcasting. Other tasks may be required of the candidate as needed. This is a multi-functional multitasking position with opportunities for creativeness.


Education: High school diploma and/or post-secondary certification is a plus but not required. Knowledge of how to operate a Windows® computer required. Knowledge of non-linear audio editors like Cool Edit Pro and Adobe Audition is helpful but not required. Knowledge of operating Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice is a requirement. Previous broadcast experience or disc jockey mixing experience is helpful. Adobe Photoshop and WordPress experience is helpful when assisting with our digital products.

Other Requirements: Be prompt. Maintain a good work ethic. Keep work areas tidy. Follow instructions. Keep a notepad and pen with you at all times while in the building for documenting and taking notes. Bring your teamwork and communication skills with you as they are a daily necessity. Maintain an open line of communication with your radio station supervisor(s) as events may arise requiring your presence. You must possess a drive to come to work on time to do your work.

Training: Previous experiences in broadcasting or the disc jockey business will be greatly benefit your work here, however, there will be training for you to familiarize yourself with our equipment and operating procedures. If there is something you do not understand, there are people here to help.


What do you think?

No sugar-coating… we make magic happen! This is a great opportunity (easy work, creativity, few requirements) for anyone entering into radio with a minimal-to-no background in the fields of broadcast and digital to learn and build a career! Most importantly, this is FUN! How many “jobs” really let you have fun while working??

If this really sounds like you, tell us about yourself and why we should talk with you.

Send us your resume to the address listed below or email Send us more than a cover letter as well as your professional references. Tell us about you and why you think you’re right for us! If you have previous experience that will help, send us some samples of your work (aircheck, reel, demos, graphics, commercials, web site, etc., on CD, flash drive, print, web link or fill out the form on our website).

No phone calls, please. You can come by 1410 North Lindell Street in Martin, Tn or 223 Westgate Drive in Union City, Tn 8:30 til 4:30 pm Monday – Friday. Thunderbolt Broadcasting Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

DEADLINE: 2021-01-31