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Full Time Remote Broadcast Engineer


WYCQ Inc. is looking for an experienced remote engineer for on-site broadcasts. Candidate will engineer a live, on-site broadcast for ESPN 102.5 The Game or other Cromwell Nashville stations, as needed, as well as assist the promotions staff with day-to-day needs. Previous remote broadcast engineering experience preferred.


The general expectations for the position are as follows:

·         This is a full-time position with Cromwell Radio in Nashville, which will require your availability on an as-needed basis, including weekends.

·         You are expected to be a leader within the organization and the community and follow all company guidelines as outlined in our employee handbook.

·         You’ll be expected to be the lead remote engineer for all assigned events for all stations within the cluster.

·         This position will report directly to the Nashville Promotions Director. 

·         Train and prepare all part-time remote techs on proper use of equipment, set-up and expectations for all live broadcasts and station remotes.

·         Constantly look for ways that we can improve and innovate and bring those ideas to the attention of your supervisor.


On days of remote broadcasts, the specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

·         Arrive at the broadcast location approximately 2 hours before airtime to meet with client liaison, set up and test with the studio approximately one hour prior to the broadcast.

·         Drive station vehicle to broadcast location, as needed.

·         Ensure that we look professional on-site and that on-air quality is excellent.

·         Be prepared to troubleshoot and have backup plans ready if needed, including the decision to move to a different location due to weather or other problems.

·         Assist on-air talent (and their guests) as needed during the broadcasts.

·         Any problems or issues with talent should be reported immediately to the respective Program Director.

·         Any technical problems or issues should be reported immediately to the engineering team.

·         Any problems or issues related to equipment and/or promotional inventory should be reported immediately to the Promotions Director.

·         Post photos of broadcasts to social media during the broadcast.

·         At the end of each event take inventory of all equipment to make sure we’re good for the next broadcast.


On days without remote broadcasts other specific responsibilities might include the following:

·         Test and troubleshoot upcoming broadcast locations and determine our best options to execute the broadcast professionally and up to our standards (e.g. on-site locations, Ethernet capability, Verizon tower connectivity, etc.).

·         Pack vehicles for upcoming broadcasts and making sure the vehicle has enough fuel for the next day.

·         Assist promotions with promo liners, social media graphics or videos.

·         Assist promotions with on-site events, as needed.

·         Assist promotions with acquiring tickets or credentials for upcoming events.

·         Assist operations with production, as requested.

·         Assist promotions with Buzz sessions.

Assist Buzz with board operating or voice tracking, as determined by Buzz Program Director.




E-mail your resume to subject, Broadcast Engineer.

Job posted by an Equal Opportunity Employer

DEADLINE: 2019-12-13