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Engineering Maintenance Manager


South Carolina Educational Television is looking for an Engineering Maintenance Manager.


Supervise and/or perform the installation, maintenance and repairs of television systems and equipment which utilize: Complex low, high, and very high frequency digital electronic technologies; Diagnose and correct local and wide area networking, firewalls, switches, wireless technology, and Internet protocol problems in a broadcast environment. Maintain all broadcast related servers and keep up with hardware and software updates as well as routine maintenance. Provide technical engineering assistance in computing and networking methodologies and technologies.  Manage equipment repair budgets.  Oversee the day-to-day operation of the engineering Maintenance Department.

Diagnose and correct, or supervise the correction of,  malfunctioning complex electronic portions of computer controlled analog/digital audio and or video routing, production switchers or edit systems, CPU controlled field or studio camera systems, tapeless video / audio storage units, CPU and non CPU controlled audio switchers. Repair or supervise the repair of Quad, 1 inch, Beta SP, Digital Betacam, DV format VTRs, Umatic, and ½ inch recorders and players.  Work as, but not limited to, Maintenance Engineer on studio or field productions.  Train and supervise departmental staff, emphasize the SCETV SOP on Fax procedures prior to all productions.  Ensure the work area remains safe and clean for the staff and clients.  Provide the support to meet the needs of the client and address any issues in a professional manner.

Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving highly complex software, hardware and networking issues within the broadcast network. 

Perform, supervise, schedule and/or assist lower level technicians with the construction, installation and maintenance of facilities for production.  These duties may include production facilities throughout the state. Diagnose and correct, or supervise the correction of, malfunctions of extremely complex linear and rotary mechanical portions of equipment.

Provide technical engineering assistance in the planning, design, and construction of production/ routing/distribution facilities to the Project Managers, Manager of Technical Operations, Director of Engineering and the Vice President of Engineering.
Assemble facilities for extremely complex production of program material.  Advise, assist and guide lower level technicians in appropriate maintenance and repairing techniques, trouble shooting, construction and installation.  Supervise lower level technicians in the daily performance of their duties.  Serve as maintenance technician for studio, remote and post production activities.  Participate with higher-level administrators, operation managers, etc. in the development of procedures, rules and policies.

Track and document equipment trouble reports; Create work schedules and assignments for lower level technicians; Manage equipment repair, supply and material budget funds.  Create employee planning and evaluation stage PERFORMS reports for the lower level technicians.  Utilize ScheduAll for staff production project assignments and for updating the database on resources / staff time needed to complete the project.  Utilize either Technical Ops work orders or agency CAPS accountability program to document hours and cost for activities assigned.

Working with Engineering Project Managers, will utilize VidCAD facility design software to create drawings used for equipment installations.



Knowledgeable in the use of computers in a TV environment. Knowledge of digital video and audio systems.  Ability to hire, train and evaluate the performance of employees.  Must be able to communicate effectively in writing and verbally.  Extensive knowledge of NTSE, EIA, SMPTE, FCC, and SCETV television broadcast standards of digital electronic technologies.  Extensive knowledge and skills in operating extremely complex stereo radio and surround sound television production facilities. Knowledge of fundamental computing and networking methodologies and technologies. Knowledge of networking needs in a broadcast environment. Ability to troubleshoot problems. Thoroughly skilled in: reading functional diagrams, schematics in applying logical troubleshooting techniques, and in replacing circuit board components.  Ability to follow written and oral instructions.


A bachelors degree in a technical discipline and four (4) years of experience in diagnosing, maintaining and repairing analog and digital equipment or equivalent.





1041 George Rogers Boulevard 
Columbia, SC 29201
Job #80855 

Job posted by an Equal Opportunity Employer

DEADLINE: 2018-12-31