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Broadcast/RF Transmission Technician


Maine Public is seeking a full-time Broadcast/RF Transmission Technician to join our Technology team in Lewiston, Bangor, and Portland. In support of Maine Public’s radio, television, and digital programming and content, the Transmission Technician is responsible for the maintenance and operation of broadcasting equipment and facilities including television and radio transmitters and digital RF transmission systems.


The Transmission Technician will learn to perform routine maintenance and adjustments on television and radio broadcast transmitters, microwave transmitting and receiving equipment, digital RF transmission systems, and terminal television, radio, and remote control equipment. The Transmission Technician will test equipment to ensure proper operation, configure and maintain computer-based transmission systems, and provide necessary maintenance and supervision of buildings and property at transmitter sites. The Transmission Technician communicates with Master Control regarding equipment outages and may serve as Crew Chief during equipment maintenance or special project assignments.



Job Requirements: Must enjoy working outdoors and independently. Must have a strong work ethic and aptitude for learning. Two years of experience or training in maintaining electronic and electrical equipment preferred. Must be available for on-call duty during non-work hours as assigned. A valid driver’s license and the ability to access remote sites using ATV or snowmobile is required.


Maine Public offers a competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefits package including healthcare, retirement, paid time off, dental, vision, and other supplemental benefits.


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by Sunday, September 9, 2018.


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DEADLINE: 2018-09-09