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Digital Sales Engineer


The Digital Sales Engineer (DSE) is primarily responsible for working directly with account managers to conduct digital-heavy client discussions and assist in digital campaign planning, fulfillment and monitoring.


·         Develop, communicate and implement digital sales strategy and action plans for our Great West Region – based in Salt Lake City.

·         Work with regional Digital Campaign Coordinator to project manage the digital sales process

·         Assist Sales leadership with integrated sales efforts by reviewing client proposals, attending client appointments and addressing internal roadblocks to success on a local scale.

·         Demonstrate digital and marketing expertise on sales calls.

·         Work with Division Director of Digital Sales to point ad tech partnerships; working to integrate partner assets with iHeartMedia’s to develop optimized campaign strategies based on customer needs.

·         Optimize and bid on social media ad campaigns to promote clients’ social content through our iHeartRadio brands.

·         Oversee the fulfillment of all digital related Proof of Performance (POP) procedures for customers.

·         Performs other duties as required.



·         Ability to manage production workflow, timelines and schedules.

·         Strong organizational skills.

·         Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

·         Skilled at written and verbal communication.

·         Skilled at analytics and reporting (e.g., deciphering performance reports for digital products).

·         Knowledge of social and online media (e.g., how to utilize to engage with online audiences).

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint.

·         Knowledge of placing Facebook advertising is a plus.

·         Strong Digital advertising acumen.


Critical Competences:

·         Flexibility: Adapting to changing demands and circumstances without difficulty and maintaining composure and effectiveness under demanding circumstances.

·         Self-Management: Using personal management skills to effectively complete tasks necessary to the success of the organization in an orderly manner. Organizing details and bringing order to complex and competing demands.

·         Interpersonal Effectiveness: Interacting well with others to achieve goals with minimal conflict and confrontation.

·         Technical Expertise: Synthesizing knowledge of the field and presenting it in an appropriate manner. Handling collection, analysis, and presentation of organizational data that enhances decision making. Having a technical impact beyond the immediate department or group.

·         Communication: Interacting with others through verbal and non-verbal means to present information in an engaging and understandable manner. The use of listening and other attending behaviors to gain a shared understanding of the topic at hand.


Job posted by an Equal Opportunity Employer

DEADLINE: 2018-07-01