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Contract Engineerng Services RFQ


KUNM-FM, licensed to The Regents of the University of New Mexico, is a public radio station serving central and northern New Mexico. KUNM (the Station) is seeking price information related to on-call contract engineering services for our transmitter and studio facilities.


KUNM operates five transmitters and three translators with main transmission facilities at Sandia Crest. Remote sites from Angel Fire to Socorro are fed with an over-the-air signal from the Crest. All stations re-broadcast KUNM’s main signal. The Station has sophisticated studio facilities in Onate Hall on UNM’s main campus. Studios include a main Control Room and Production Studio (both with Axia consoles). There are three smaller support studios - all networked – as well as a deluxe 96-channel recording studio (Yamaha DM2000 console, Telos VX telephone hybrid system). The station uses NPR satellite receivers and BE Audio Vault for content management.


KUNM is considering using contract engineering services to maintain our facilities and help with future upgrades. To further our consideration, we are seeking price quotes from interested individuals and companies. Please provide KUNM with a cost estimate that can include: Monthly retainer for emergency 24/7 services for studios and all transmitter sites. Hourly rate for time and materials based on an average need of 50 hours per month. Mileage and travel rates for remote site work. Basis for billing shop materials or other materials required for the work. Resumes or any other information helpful to our consideration.


Respondents must be able to supply a certificate of insurance if selected for the work.

Send information to KUNM General Manager Richard Towne via e-mail to Call if needed (505) 277-8009. Please reply by Sept. 28, 2017. Feel free to share this with parties who may have interest in the work. Thanks.

Job posted by an Equal Opportunity Employer

DEADLINE: 2017-09-28