Current Jobs


Cluster Production Director & Air Talent


Employee’s duties include:

Organization and oversight of the Chico Cluster Production Department activities and responsibilities.
Make Cluster production staff announcer assignments.  (Company standard: 30 minutes per week day for voicing spots for Fulltime air staff).   Using their tracks, create and finish professional quality local retail spots.
Copywriting, production, editing, and voice work of production materials.
Collaboration with sales management and account executives to create effective spots for clients.
Voicing and production of local retail commercial spots.
Creation of spec spots for Chico and Company account executives.
Creation of audio materials for promotion, programming, and sales related activities including, but not limited to, event recaps, composites, research projects,  marketing audio, on-hold audio, and website audio products for Company products.
Creation of station imaging if assigned by Operations Manager
Live and/or Voicetrack Air Talent performances on KTHU and KHRD appropriate for our targeting Persons 25-54
Attendance of  some Chico Cluster station and prep meetings as assigned by the Operations Manager.
Fulfillment of Chico Cluster promotional and publicity activities, as directed, including street appearances and community event MC stage work.


Production Related Weekly Tasks
1. Daily production of agency, local direct, and national/regional spots.

2. Supervision and monitoring of AIM delivering spots.
2. Maintain commercial inventory audio library ensuring that everything is accounted for before the next broadcast day.
3. Internet streaming spot preparation and loading.

4.Work sales people on scriptwriting and ideas.
5. Communicate with engineering regarding technical issues as they pertain to production.
6. Monitor Chico cluster stations for commercial quality control.
7. Work with Results Production Directors from other markets to facilitate use of out of market voices both on the Chico cluster (incoming) and for other Company stations (outbound).
8. Work with other radio stations and distribution sources to ensure timely arrival/distribution of commercials to and from sources outside the company.
9. Work with clients to schedule studio time for them to voice their own commercials and/or ensure their complete satisfaction with the production portion" of their Results Radio experience.

10. Provide excellent customer service and hospitality to visiting clients.


Office Related
1. Print and transfer daily commercial logs to the respective studios, import them into the on-air automation.
2. Double check logs to ensure everything is accounted for and that all spots are accounted for each day.
3. Maintain digital files/folders for all commercial logs on the production computers in the studios.
4. Print out daily reports (copy assignments) for the sales department and bulk contract confirmations for on site filing.
5. Other individual reports as needed/requested
6. Work with Chico’s traffic personnel based in Chico/Redding traffic departments to ensure logs are edited properly (especially on holidays) and to handle any other problems that might come up in the logs.


Candidate Qualifications:

Ability to learn and master WIDE ORBIT automation.
Ability to learn and master AIM delivery systems or similar.
Ability to learn and master Adobe Audition production software
Ability to write copy with Microsoft Office and update reports with Microsoft Excel
Ability to learn and master future upgrades in content delivery or workflow management software (V Creative or similar).
·         Must have valid Drivers License and be insurable by Company.

·         Must be able to carry/lift remote and appearance equipment.

·         Attention to detail, Reliable.

·         Neat Appearance for Outside and Client business events in the community.

·         Ability to setup remote equipment and appearance displays: (broadcast equipment, booth, signage) 

·         Must be available to work Saturdays, and occasional Sundays or evenings for special events.

·         Must have acceptable voice quality and delivery for KTHU, KHRD, and commercials.

·         Ability to perform sales remote appearances as an air talent.

·         Must be able to operate broadcast control room.

·         Must be able to write, voice, and produce local retail spots


Resume and audio to:

DEADLINE: 2017-03-17