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Master Control Operator


The Master Control Operator (MCO) must have a familiarity and knowledge of operating Harris ADC-100 Automation Systems which operates all recordings, playback systems, and dish controls.

Editing is done on Harris Velocity, and Nexio Video servers.


Responsibilities include:

  • Manually tune Ericsson satellite receivers, setting up record events for day-of-air show recordings on Tandberg and Ericsson IRD systems.
  • Check paper and system logs for accuracy, adjusting system logs for correct timings and inserting “Clock” times for network events.
  • Monitor and prepare system for primetime on NBC and NFN subchannel (24hour local weather channel called News First Now).
  • Edit daily news teases on Velocity Editing System, segmenting and checking Closed Caption (CC) on recorded shows, purging daily shows from ADC-100 automation database and Harris MediaBase, receiving syndicated shows from Pathfire and PitchBlue systems and ingesting Paid shows from DVCPRO tapes.
  • Record local and national incoming News feeds, “triming” the recording on video server, monitoring broadcast video and audio quality as well as signal strength conditions hourly.
  • Run Newsticker crawls and crawls for weather and E.A.S notifications, download, edit and quality check commercials from multiple sources including; Extreme Reach, Javelin FTP, and local production spots,
  • Manually run breaks for live events, and operate Harris Iconmaster MCO HD router.
  • Advise producers in the News team regarding any timing or broadcast issues, create discrepancy reports for any system or log issues and complete paper logs to be filled out and signed by the operator during each shift.



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KOAA is an equal opportunity employer.

DEADLINE: 2017-02-20