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Sports Director


Do play by play for two high school sports including, but not limited to; football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, legion baseball, etc.  Interview coaches, students, athletes, etc.  Must be able to follow a broadcast format, post interviews and articals to internet, audio and video production, etc.  Others tasks as necessary for multiple weekly broadcasts.


Follow two high schools and all of their activities (not just sports).  Play by play of various sports. This is a very small market, the right person will be a star that everyone in the area knows and likes. Fill and follow broadcast formats.  Set up and take down broadcast and video equipment for each game.  Treat the equipment like a precious gift, like electronic and video equipment should be treated.  Have a reliable vehicle.  Video stream other school activities.  This is a unique position in that we have written school curriculum designed to teach students about the broadcast industry, with an emphasis on sports broadcasting. These two high schools are using that curriculum.  This is taking us into a rhelm where, to the best of our knowledge, no one has gone before. This position is at the forefront of this move. Ideally it will be filled by someone with both teaching and sports broadcasting experience, with an emphsis on the later. This person will work with both teachers and students to give them hands on experience with real professional broadcasting.


Have a reliable vehicle for transportation.  At least two years experience in sports broadcasting and play by play.  Understand audio and video mixing and production software.  Be able to put together and take down broadcast and video equipment at the game sites. Pass a backgroud check as required by the school districts.


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DEADLINE: 2017-07-15