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Program Director


Reports to: General Manager

Summary: Responsible for oversight of all content that airs on Game 1 and Game 2 in Nashville, TN. Includes development of programming strategies designed to drive listening occasions which generate quarter-hours that are converted in to AQH Share and related revenue for Cromwell. Program Director reports to General Manager and works closely with other Department Heads to help drive overall ratings and revenue growth for the radio station. Program Director must be able to deliver and execute his/her vision for the radio stations that are concurrent with the vision set forth by senior management. 


If position is offered, candidate needs to be a leader within the organization and the community and follow all company guidelines as outlined in our employee handbook.

This is a full-time position and immediate opening in our Nashville location. Comprehensive Benefits Plan offered.


Program Director is responsible for the following as well as other related assignments.

·         Talent Recruitment, Teaching, Coaching and Feedback – Program Director must have excellent communication skills and be able to relate to all on-air talent. Program Director to set expectations for all talent and shows. At same time, Program Director must focus on long-term talent and succession planning.

·         Programming Strategy – Program Director responsible for overall programming strategy which includes setting forth schedule of both local and syndicated programming that will air on radio stations. Program Director will communicate with staff, sales and senior management on a regular basis.

·         Oversight of Producers/Support Staff – Program Director will assign duties to producers and make sure that best practices are in place to execute compelling and interesting shows on a consistent basis.

·         Sports Franchise Relationships – Program Director will be main point of contact with both sports teams that the station is affiliated with, plus will also develop relationships with other potential teams that could factor in future programming that will air on Cromwell Radio Stations. Program Director will play significant role in fostering the relationship with the Nashville Predators (NHL)

·         Production Value – Program Director responsible for the overall “stationality” which includes development of a strong content advancer (promotion) of on-air programming including talk shows, play-by-play and station events. Program Director also responsible for making sure station has the right voice talent available to record announcements that air on the radio station.

·         Digital Development – Will work with management team to drive awareness of digital content that is available for audience consumption. Will work on development of digital content strategy with key stakeholders.

·         PPM (Portable People Meter) – Must be well versed in Nielsen Ratings Methodology as it applicable to content strategies for the radio station. Program Director will meet with talent and production personnel on a regular basis to review ratings performance. PD will also set forth ratings goals on a quarterly basis

·         Network Programming – Program Director will work with various syndicators to secure both talk and play-by-play programming for the radio station.

·         Music Licensing – Program Director must maintain relationships with music licensing organizations including BMI and ASCAP.



·         Understanding and Compliance of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations

·         Understanding of Nielsen PPM Ratings Methodology

·         Must be well versed in Microsoft Office. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·         Must have good writing and communication skills.

·         Should be comfortable working with a programming consultant.

·         Top 100 Market Experience

·         College Degree preferred.


Please email your resume to:, subject line: Program Director or fax your resume with a cover letter to: 615-361-9873. WYCQ Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

DEADLINE: 2016-10-07