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On Air Talent/AM Show Executive Producer


Co-host/3rd mic on morning radio show. Assists in the creation, direction and production of highly rated morning show on KZHT.


On Air Talent Responsibilities

• Performs news, talk, music, comedic or other format shows or program for broadcast entertainment.

• Establishes relationship with listeners by providing entertainment and/or information of interest consistent with format, genre, and targeted demographic audience.

• Interviews guests, moderates debates, converses with callers, and hosts live events.

• Adheres to all guidelines, policies and procedures of the station, iHeatMedia, the FCC and all other federal, state and local laws, including policies and procedures regarding indecency and obscenity.

• Prepares for an air shift using creativity, imagination and exercise of independent professional judgment in writing, producing, interviewing, taping or broadcasting on-air material.

• Ensures logged commercials, promotions and any other programming essential to the stations operation are aired.

• Maintains a website personality page.

• Participates in required station Programming, Promotions, and Sales staff meetings and events.

• Makes regular approved appearances at paid and non-paid station events; serves as ambassador for the radio station(s) when out in public.

• Executes only the interviews and events on air that are approved by Program Director; follows designated show format.

• Assists with voice over and production of paid and non-paid spots required to run on the station.

• Serves as a creative voice and at times, may help direct support staff of show.

• Researches and gains knowledge of subject matter that facilitates speaking extemporaneously and providing immediate non-scripted analysis/commentary.

• Finalizes content using digital audio editing software.

• Prepares written content, visual images, audio material and video footage for websites, blogs, or other social media platforms.

• Checks studio equipment for proper functioning and notifies Engineering of technical malfunctions affecting quality of the broadcast.

• Handles emergency inserts (e.g. news updates and breaking stories, emergencies, alert system tests, etc.); is on call for possible disasters, breaking news, or acts of nature.


Executive Producer Responsibilities
• Is responsible for "to be designated" aspects of the show production from beginning to end.
• Protects the iHeartMedia brand.
• Manages budgets and ensures the efficient use of resources.
• Helps develop and implement strategic plans, goals and vision to help the show/program remain competitive and project the intended brand image.
• Creates and introduces new concepts and ideas, provides/solicits content and audience research, identifies suitable ideas from others, carries out thorough research and disseminates which archive and audio resources can be used.
• Pursues information, overcomes obstacles and pitches ideas to senior colleagues.
• Oversees the hiring, scheduling and managing of contributors and/or guests.
• Develops/produces content, writes scripts, plans and sets the show schedule, and directs on-air talent in conjunction with the show outline/time-line.
• Manages and directs show logistics, participates in cost/benefit decisions and directs final editing.
• Holds pre-production briefings for on-air talent, presenters, reporters, guests and technical staff.
• Manages logistics of getting people, resources and equipment together to the right place at the right time.
• Responds to listeners’ comments or complaints.
• May work on location producing outside broadcasts.


On Air Qualifications

• Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and social networking

• Proficient in media production and broadcast systems; familiar with NexGen, Vox Pro, and Pro Tools

• Strong knowledge of all FCC rules and regulations

• Socially informed and perceptive; up-to-date and in tune daily with the local and national trends and/or specialized knowledge of topics/events related to on-air discussions

• Demonstrated upbeat personality, informative, entertaining and engaging on the air; able to relate to station audience

• Pleasant, charismatic and well-controlled voice; excellent pronunciation

• Excellent verbal and written communication and editing skills; proficient in grammar; ability to make others feel comfortable and open up on air

• Demonstrated creativity and imagination

• Able to maintain composure when faced with difficult situations and personalities

• Can work well in a team environment; collaborative

• Able to adapt to changes in schedules and maintain composure in a  fast-paced environment with short deadlines

• May require other language proficiency, e.g., Spanish


Executive Producer Qualifications
• Ability to generate original ideas, and to think creatively about how to communicate them to audiences; has comprehensive knowledge of subjects relevant to specific radio genres
• Understanding of the radio market, different station/program styles, audience demographics
• Excellent writing and storytelling skills; ability to tailor and adapt content for different audiences and platforms
• Full knowledge of the law, ethics and industry regulations around radio production; knows when it is necessary, and how to acquire, relevant clearances and licenses, including copyright and music clearances
• Understanding of the requirements of relevant health and safety legislation and procedures
• Excellent IT skills, including data handling, audio editing and image manipulation software
• Ability to build rapport and draw information from people
• Confidence and tenacity when dealing with difficult decisions and/or issues
• Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure, and to react quickly to changes
• Excellent planning and organizing skills
• Excellent communication skills, complemented by diplomacy, empathy and patience

Work Experience

• Previous on-air radio and/or radio producer experience preferred.

• Audio demo of on-air interviews, commentary, announcements, etc.


• Not required


• None required


DEADLINE: 2016-10-27