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Creative Services Manager


Position Summary: The Creative Services Manager oversees the creative team and works with other station departments and personnel to create and develop advertising product for clients & promotional product for the station.


Essential Duties & Responsiblities:

  • Manages all aspects of the Creative Department
  • Plans and manages staffing, training, and performance evaluations for the Creative Department
  • Makes decisions regarding hiring, evaluation, promotion and termination of employees
  • Works with Sales Department personnel to make sure that clients needs are being met
  • Manages all aspects of commercial production based on the clients plans, conceptualizes those ideas, ensuring that they meet or exceed the clients success criteria
  • Works with Sales Department personnel to schedule clients for pre-and post-production writing, editing, and shooting of spots
  • Assigns projects to staff and verifies that deadlines are being met
  • Manages production of content to the established budget
  • Writes, edits and shoots video for commercial and promotional efforts
  • Performs other duties as assigned




DEADLINE: 2016-07-21