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Intern-Studio Engineering


The Studio Engineer Intern will work under direction of the Broadcast Studio Engineer who is the lead technical production person for the internet radio station. The intern will be able to learn from and assist the engineer in  recording and manipulation of digital media as well as other common tasks involved in quality live productions, podcasts, etc. 


Work under the guidance of a professional and experienced Studio Engineer to: help in the recording and manipulation of digital media in mix production; help refine use of various filters and audio elements in the creation of a final product that will meet company’s and industry professional quality standards; operate a digital audio boardwith some supervision for live studio recording; help produce podcasts and programs in studio as well as help record (in the field) live events as needed. Intern will improve their level of competency in all major aspects of studio engineering.


At least basic competence in the use of Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and other state of the art audio editing programs. Experience with or exposure to basic video editing tools. 
Ability to operate a digital audio board for live studio recording is required; familiarity with Behringer X32 is essential. 
Working knowledge of Windows and Mac OS operating systems. 
Excellent communication skills. 
Excellent time management skills. 
Essential knowledge of copyright infringement and why it should be avoided. 


Send resume, cover letter and any links to your work to

DEADLINE: 2016-04-15