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ELC Technician

WBZ & WSBK has an immediate opening for TD/ELC Operator.

Responsibilities include the ability to switch or direct news programs, live breaking news, entertainment programs and studio pre-production. ELC/Studio Automation requires the ability to program and run Sony ELC automation. Audio Mixer ability to mix and integrate multiple audio sources during any news or entertainment programs, live or pre-produced. Satellite and Microwave Transmission ability to receive, transmit various types of Satellite and Microwave Transmission. Responsibilities include the basic understanding of electronics, system design, ability to repair to the board level, and use nonlinear editing systems.

Position requires a working knowledge of all aspects of television broadcasting. A proven track record demonstrating proficiency in the following areas is required. Knowledge of audio and video file servers, graphics devices and computer interfaces is required. Previous ELC experience required. Strong organizational skills, coordination and communication skills are required


DEADLINE: 2016-04-07