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KSE Radio Ventures, LLC is seeking a full time sports talk producer to create and deliver a daily sports information program. The ideal candidates will have an understanding of the sports industry, have a significant list of contacts, have experience making news decisions and are proficient in production.


  • Perform live broadcasts that are entertaining and informative as a host, producer or board operator.
  • Prepare and conduct research for each broadcast, providing hosts with rundowns of latest news and potential topics.
  • Collaborate with the Program Director and hosts to develop creative content ideas for the shows.
  • Monitor the shows and commercial logs.
  • Ensure the promotions and contests are executed properly.
  • Gather sound at press conferences and produce it for airing.
  • Perform off-air production assignments as needed.
  • Make personal appearances at stations events and remotes.
  • Create and post content to the stationís web site and social media platforms.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Must be an excellent communicator with strong creative skills.
  • Must have experience in live broadcasting, preferably in radio.
  • Must be willing to work as a team to develop new ideas.
  • Must have a solid working knowledge of sports, particularly to the local landscape.
  • Must have experience with audio editing software
  • Must have sports news experience.
  • Must have strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to acquire or produce and maintain a valid Colorado driverís license and meet company vehicle driving standards.

Please submit resume and cover letter to:

DEADLINE: 2016-02-29