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WTVC NewsChannel 9, the ABC Affiliate and #1 TV station in Chattanooga, TN, is accepting applications for On-Air Host/Associate Producer for its M-F, half-hour lifestyle and local information program. Are you an experienced, engaged, dynamic TV host/entertainer with a professional personality? Can you engage fans in social media and on the Web as well as in person? Do you exude warmth, personality, professionalism and credibility? We are looking for a uniquely experienced, versatile and confident host who is plugged into today’s world of increasing choices and technology. Our ideal candidate has an energetic personality, polished on-camera appearance and wants to contribute to our community. We need a highly creative individual who can write, produce and present entertaining and engaging on-air segments on a daily basis. This position also requires outstanding on-set interviewing skills and the ability to adlib effectively.


  • Ability to write creative and entertaining feature stories for on-air, online and in social media
  • Ability to conduct guest interviews that are engaging, insightful and conversational
  • Ability to adlib on camera and work “off prompter” (when necessary) smoothly and professionally
  • Ability to plan shoots, prepare for interviews and book guests in a well-organized manner


  • Experience with non-linear editing, show production software and digital content management software is necessary
  • A proven understanding of social media and writing for the Web is preferred
  • Experience shooting with professional video equipment is a plus
  • Minimum 1 year experience as host, reporter or presenter on broadcast radio or TV

Apply online at or

WTVC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug-Free Workplace.

DEADLINE: 2016-01-05