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I wanted to change the description in the position that Iím looking for. I think thereís a little confusion. Play-by-play is only about 5% of the job. Maybe less. Fridays during football season. Tuesdays and Fridays during basketball season. Play-by-play is just a way to get you an extra $2,500-$3,000 a year. The main part of the job is a 2-6 live show. Voice tracking on one other station. Commercial writing and producing. A whole lot of live appearances. Some you get paid for. (Remotes are an extra $25 an hour and are usually 3 hours). Other appearances are part of the job. Then there is weather coverage. You might be up at 2:30 in the morning covering thunderstorms. But, itís important to our listeners. Of course, Iím looking for audio of a show. 60 seconds is plenty. Also, if you have audio of a remote. Iíd like that, too. Somedays are busy. Somedays you do your show and maybe have to do one spot. You might be asked to feed our two cows, as well. Itís a small county. But, we do have a McDonalds, Wendyís, Taco Bell, Sonic and 1,000 Dollar Stores. We like to be clean on the air. But, you have lots of freedom on your shows.

Live afternoon show (country). Voice track a show (classic hits). Production, weather coverage in a tornado state. Play-by-play football and basketball. Lots and lots of community events.


Send resume and audio to Please let me know where you saw this post. Cowley County Broadcasting is an equal opportunity employer.

DEADLINE: 2016-02-13