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Motion Graphics Designer

KTBS LLC is accepting applications for a qualified Motion Graphics Designer - 3D Artist/Motion Designer/Visual FX Artist.

Work directly with Marketing to convert concept graphics into usable on-screen television graphics using the VizRT system.

Requirements: Working knowledge of 3D Design, Animation, and Visual FX Working knowledge of VizArtist 3.0 or higher Working knowledge of Template Wizard and Pilot Design Associates Degree or higher; equivalent experience Digital Portfolio Qualifications: Understanding of Trio and how it is incorporated into workflow Understanding of Transition Logic in Design Understanding of Touchscreen Design; Data Pull (within VizArtist) Understanding of Moss/Automation; Scripting (particularly in VB Scripting or Syntax Based) Prior Technical Director or Television Graphics experience Satisfactory pre-employment drug test and clear driving record

Interested, qualified candidates may submit a resume/application to: or to: or mail to: MGD-1, P O Box 44227, Shreveport, LA. 71134 Salary: Negotiable depending upon experience WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER IF YOU KNOW OF ANY GROUPS OR ORGANIZATIONS THAT WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE NOTICES ABOUT OUR JOB OPENINGS, CONTACT HUMAN RESOURCES AT 318-861-5832.

DEADLINE: 2015-12-15