Current Jobs


traffic / promotions assistant / light bookkeeping

The Traffic position role deals with sales staff, promotions staff and advertisers.  

The job entails loading or scheduling of commercial and promotional spots into the stations logs in the correct format to ensure effectiveness, and to maximize revenue.   Traffic position will generate reports and information for the sales department as well as advertisers.     Traffic position will generate billing, post client payments, and generate program logs for the stations.     Traffic position will work closely with colleagues in sales and marketing, promotions and programming staff.   Traffic position is responsible for processing the sales orders and arranging daily production of radio station commercial logs.       .

Traffic position requires attention to detail and the ability to assess and prioritize all incoming information, telephone calls, e-mails and requests to meet broadcasting deadlines. During busy times, the constant adding and changing of orders makes for a dynamic and fast paced environment.   Traffic position has all the normal administrative functions common to any office such as reporting and filing.


DEADLINE: 2015-03-23