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Promotions Events Director

The Promotions Director is responsible for executing all on-site and off premise promotional set-ups, events and client/listener presentation and interaction at these events. This includes but is not limited to remote broadcasts, van hits/ticket stops, Hutton Broadcasting Events (Country Fest/Winter Fiesta), and any presentation sets ups at customer locations.

Job Duties Include but are not limited to:

Promotions Department Equipment & Staff
This manager is responsible for overseeing the following:

Promotions Staff:

  • Schedule (4 weeks out with weekly updates)
  • Time Cards (check each pay period)
  • Assigning training for new staff
  • Making sure promotional staff is properly outfitted (Staff Shirts, Dress Clothing if applicable, Clean and adhering to the promotions and Hutton employee manual).
  • Assigning individual tasks
  • Establishing all lines of interdepartmental communications are working and everyone is on the same page.

Promotions Equipment:
Vehicles –
Responsible for all vehicles including keeping filled with gas and well maintained. Vehicles are to be clean, left on their proper radio stations and ready for the next person to use it. All vehicle maintenance MUST be logged in the Vehicle Maintenance Binder with dates, mileage and who completed services. This includes car washes, gas fill ups, wipers, oil changes, etc.

Tents, Flags, Storage -
The Promotional Events Director is responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment used for our on-site events. Maintaining tents (checking for broken parts and cleaning), Flags (making sure they are always put back in proper place with stands), Weights, Signage, Banners (Should always be clean and placed in their correct bins in storage). Removing trash from storage unit, sweeping and dusting weekly, and making sure all promotional items are neatly organized for the next person.

iPhones, PAs, Stereos and Electronic
The Promotional Events Director is responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment used for our on-site events. Responsible for maintaining all electronic equipment. Bi weekly all equipment should be tested and all associated equipment should be checked and labeled. Each PA system should have a power supply, speaker cables, mic and mic cable (if applicable) RCA jack for the phone for steaming or Stereo system. Responsible for communicating that any and all non-function equipment is logged and labeled and replaced in lieu of broken equipment.

The Promotional Events Director maintains a check out system for all high value equipment (particularly iPhones, iPads and PAs and VEHICLES. Before each event the promotions technician must log each time something is checked out for an event and log each time it is returned to the station. This list will live on the door of the promotions office.

Processing Remote Broadcasts and Onsite Events

The Promotional Events Director is responsible for making all on site events happen with these duties:

  • Writing Promotional Scripts These are 30 second station promos giving the who what where when and why. These are run through promotional inventory unless confirmation is needed or if it is run on stations without promotional inventory. These must begin running no more than 3 days before each event. Ideally a one-week promotion for each event is sufficient.
  • Writing Live Liner Cards Liner cards are the who what where when and why in bullet points placed on an index card and placed in the corresponding studio for live announcements or reads on the air. Liner card templates are provided.
  • Scheduling and On Site: Schedule themselves and Promotions Technician to be on site no later than 1 Hour before the event is to begin. This will allow them adequate set up time, client introduction and conversation about their expectation of the event. The AE should arrive at this time to facilitate the introduction. The time on the promotions schedule will be the time that the technician is to arrive on site. They normally will arrive at the radio station 30 minutes to 1 hour before that to allow for accurate load and drive time.
  • Talent for Remote Broadcasts – In order to schedule Talent visit with the Program Director for each station to discuss who they would like to do they live remote. They will then give you the go ahead to reach out or schedule the talent. The talent should arrive no later than 30 minutes before the event to help with the initial set up, brief client introduction and double check to line up interviews (if applicable).

    ** The Promotional Events Director should be at ALL events to either work the event or over see set up and client relations.
  • Board Operators – Board op contact info is on the staff phone list. You must schedule a board op for each remote broadcast.

Following the Promotions Checklist
Once these big items are completed the Promotional Events Director is the responsible for the finished process and checklist:

  • All Events are to be placed on the Google Promotions Calendar
  • All Events are to be submitted to
  • All Prizes and Associated Giveaways are prepared
  • All Tech Folders are completed with copies given to the AE, Scott, Talent, Promotions Office and a copy is taped to the Tech Envelope with Prizes inside.

** If forms are submitted with incomplete information please save the date on the google calendar and return them to AE to resubmit when its complete. Incomplete information will not be processed.

Large Events (i.e. Concerts, Festivals etc.)

Digital Promotions/Contesting Management –

  • Process all on-air and online contesting not associated with an event or station appearance.
  • All contests (including on-air) consist of radio promos (recorded and/or live) and presence. On-Air contests list details only online.
  • Creative associated with contests. Landing pages, scripts and liners.

This is a physical job and you must be able to lift a minimum of 50lbs, set-up and tear down equipment.

Bi-lingual is a plus.

Interested parties should send resume and cover letter to Lisa Clark at


DEADLINE: 2014-11-20