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Morning Anchor/Reporter

Job available: December 1st, 2013. Early morning/noon shift.

Typical Duties: Make contacts and gather information about news issues and events in Wyoming and the West from which reports are written and edited. Write interesting news stories from wire copy, field reports and telephone interviews. Perform Anchor Duties as assigned. Appear at public gatherings and perform other tasks related to the position as assigned.

A cheery morning personality is helpful! Passion and dedication to the news! Great story teller who writes to video. A knowledge of and curiosity about local, national, and international current affairs. Familiar with both linear and non-linear edit systems. Ability to meet daily deadlines and work cooperatively with other staff members. Must possess a valid driver’s license with NO DUI convictions and pass drug screening. Good phone etiquette. Newsroom computer experience preferred. Applicant should be able to report, shoot, write, produce and edit for air, and write for the web. Ability to carry fifty pounds of television equipment.

Complete an Application for Employment from our website ( and submit it with your resume and a Non-Returnable DVD. No interviews will be conducted without a completed Application. Contact: Reporter Anchor/ Search - ATTN: HR KCWY Channel 13 141 Progress Circle P. O. Box 1540 Mills, WY 82644 NO PHONE CALL PLEASE (307) 234-7000 Fax

DEADLINE: 2013-12-01