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Chief Engineer

STARadio Corp with six radio stations located in Great Falls is looking for a full-time Chief Engineer who will oversee the general engineering operations in Great Falls, MT.


  • Maintain the transmitters at each location including Great Falls and Tiger Butte
  • Read meters, keep records, and maintain equipment
  • Responsible for keeping each location up-to-date with respect to FCC rules and regulations including EAS tests, record keeping, and monitoring the equipment
  • Maintain control boards and other production equipment at each location and make repairs as appropriate
  • Make recommendations to Station Manager for a new or replacement equipment and supplies needed for purchase
  • Responsible for repairing malfunctioning equipment by resolving the work locally or shipping for factory repair
  • Other duties as necessary and when required


  • For consideration, you must possess a valid state driver's license and have an excellent driving record
  • Minimum five years' experience as a radio chief engineer
  • SBE certification or electronic degree preferred
  • Must have knowledge and experience working on RF transmitters and air-chain equipment
Must have ands on experience with the following equipment:
  • Broadcast Electronics Vault2 automation or equivalent
  • Medium to high power FM transmitters (Harris, B.E., CCA)
  • Installation and on-going maintenance of c-band satellite downlinks
  • Strong computer skills/IT skills
  • Good understanding of the FCC rules and Regulations
  • Knowledge and experience of troubleshooting to the component on various broadcast-related equipment ranging from studio to transmitter sites
  • You must be able to work independently and as a team member. Occasional night and weekend work is expected and must be on-call and available to respons 24/7. You must be able to climb ladders, work in small spaces and have the ability to life 50 pounds.

Applications can be picked up at STARadio Corp at 1300 Central Avenue West between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. STARadio Corp is an equal opportunity employer, encouraging members of minority groups and women to apply for this position.

DEADLINE: 2013-10-24