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KSL TV Chief Engineer

POSITION PURPOSE: Under the direction of the KSL TV Director of Television Broadcast Operations and Engineering, assure accomplishment of KSL TV's strategic plan and Bonneville International Corporation's vision, commitments, and values by directing engineering, studio support, and all technical operations for KSL Television in a way that ensures technical excellence and enhances the company image and reputation in the community.



    In concurrent with BO E Director and others, assist in the development and implementation of an effective short- and long-term engineering and operations plan for KSL Television designed to strengthen the company and instill greater unity while maintaining high-level expertise and superior on-air quality that is cost-effective, targeted to improve audience and ratings.
    Organize the engineering responsibilities in a way that provides greatest opportunity for an error-free daily operation for KSL Television. This includes:
    Providing coaching and training to staff so they can:
    • Meet established performance standards that assure engineering services for TV News, Master Control, Technical Operations that will effectively meet their needs.
    • A regular evaluation of all equipment to assure company\'s technical capabilities is competitive. (Preventive corrective maintenance).
    • Provide growth opportunities in order to maintain an effective engineering team that is up-to-date with respect to technical changes that must be made.

    Conduct regular weekly meetings with TV Engineers to foster effective communication, anticipate and eliminate on-air problems, ensure properly maintained technical equipment as a result of an effective, preventive maintenance and repair program.
    Assist in the exploration and implementation of innovative uses of equipment and plan present and future needs to maintain cost-effective state-of-the-art technology capabilities.
    Help prepares operating and capital budgets for KSL Television designed to meet the short- and long-term engineering needs of the company while operating within an approved budget.

    • Ensure smooth and error-free studios and technical operations. Coordinate unit supervisors\' efforts as they implement established short- and long-term goals in a way that strengthens overall operations, instills greater unity, and maintains technical excellence and superior on-air quality that is cost-effective.
    • Create operational quality standards that will make a positive contribution to audience ratings and encourage new sources of revenue.
    • Ensure mutual cooperation of supervisors to foster effective communication, eliminate on-air problems, ensure properly maintained technical equipment, and establish an effective service plan that is continually reviewed and upgraded.
    • Assure when required that studio-transmitting equipment is property licensed and operated within prescribed standards.

    • Develop and maintain a unified engineering/operations team that effectively interacts with each other and other KSL Radio and KSL Television members to accomplish stations` goals and objectives.
    • Coach colleagues and make sure every effort is made to help them succeed.
    • Establish ongoing training schedules for colleagues in the various departments to increase staff expertise and enhance their value to the company.
    • Established a detailed events calendar each year for the department which sets forth execution plans for specific projects, established deadlines, provides for recognition when desired results have been timely achieved and human resources and talents effectively utilized.
    • Work effectively in a team environment.

  4. OTHER
    • Participate in and actively support Bonneville`s EEO policy as it relates to recruitment, selection, evaluation, compensation, training, promotion and termination. Includes being knowledgeable and conversant with the FCC EEO Rules effective March 10, 2003, and understanding the compliance issues that safeguard the station`s FCC license.
    • Take a proactive role in supporting Bonneville`s policy to prevent harassment of any kind within the workplace, at off-site places of company business and at company-sponsored social venues.
    • Evaluate engineering and operations specific general performance and meet with Director of Television Broadcast Operations Engineering KSL TV, and others as required to enhance the effectiveness of the company`s on-air" (and "off-air") product. Research and study ways to improve company operations and evaluate the competition.
    • Personal growth and development through participation in civic and community activities as well as other academic and/or professional organizations to keep abreast of the changing field and electronic and broadcast technology.
    • Assure that employees working in your department will receive annual performance appraisals. Guarantee that employees will sign Conflict of Interest and Payolas annually.
    • Consistently works hours required. Works more when required to meet deadlines including weekends, holidays, evenings, etc.
    • Maintain a positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management, and clients.
    • Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor.
    • Other duties as assigned.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: Minimum 5 years TV Broadcast Engineering experience required. Technical Degree in electronics or related field required. Experience with microwave RF; MC automation; Omneon Bit Central video servers (or similar); Utah Scientific routers (or similar); transmit signal encoding; Utah Scientific and Ross video switchers (or similar); strong Broadcast IT skills, including WAN-LAN networks; strong computer skills; high power UHF Transmitters; FCC Broadcast Rules, including EAS, CALM Act compliance; WSI systems; SBE certification a plus.

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DEADLINE: 2013-08-26