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Reporter/Multi-Media Journalist

KREX-TV is looking for the best multi-media journalist in the country. Candidate needs to understand our newsroom doesn`t run small-market. We have a 2-hour morning show, a noon show, a 5PM, a 6PM, and a 10PM news.

Candidate should also expect to be `live` every day. We have five different live shot options, including two live backpacks that enable us to go live from pretty much anywhere.

Candidate should know how to shoot, write, and edit and be willing to listen and learn. Online skills a must.

If you`re ready to dedicate yourself to this career, then let us see what you got.



Please send a resume/video link and examples of your work to or mail your work to: Jorma Duran 345 Hillcrest Manor Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

DEADLINE: 2013-12-31