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Part Time Editor / Studio Operator

KDVR/KWGN-TV, the FOX/CW stations in Denver, is looking for a part-time news editor and studio operator. This is a hybrid position that involves both video editing and operating handheld and jib cameras in the studio.

Our editors know that stories have a well -defined beginning, middle and end. They recognize good sound and video sequences, work well in a team environment and above all, communicate clearly.

This individual must possess a good understanding of computers and have the ability to assemble material from multiple sources including staff photographer acquisition and various news feeds.

A background as an editor or photographer in television news and a good working knowledge of non-linear equipment is a plus. If you have experience in Final Cut Pro and server based workflow and think of yourself as more than a technician grinding out vo/sots, this is your opportunity to CREATE stories in one of our eight digital edit suites.

Candidate must be able to work flexible shifts including weekends and holidays as well as early morning or evening shifts.

The ability to edit quickly and creatively while working under the stress of constant deadlines is a must. The ideal candidate will also have experience working in a studio/team environment and be able to provide consistent and creative camera work.

To apply for this position, send your resume and reel to:

Greg Sakowicz
Production Manager
100 East Speer Blvd.
Denver, Co 80203


DEADLINE: 2013-05-16