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Promotions Director

The Promotions Director reports directly to the Operations Manager, but is expected to work directly with both the OM and Director of Sales, and is responsible for working with the programming, sales, and live events departments, by being the driving force behind organizing and coordinating promotional events, arranging on-air contests, increasing the visibility of the station in the community, collecting, organizing and distributing contesting prizes, and coordinating promotional on-air activity.

Maniacal focus on our station`s presence in the community. Continuous brainstorming, suggesting and devising of creative ideas for contesting, promotions and events that generate revenue and drive ratings. Hire and manage promotions staff and interns. Plan, execute and track revenue-generating marketing and promotional events and contesting that take place on-air, online and on-site. Implement all aspects of on-air contesting. Work with digital team to coordinate online contesting. Create client promotions and promotional proposals with OM and DOS. Have stations on the street making an impact, whether a paid sales event or if there isn’t a sales event scheduled on a weekend, make a plan to have our stations out doing something every weekend. Participate at station promotional events as necessary, including set-up and breakdown of promotional equipment and materials. Vehicle maintenance: Make sure the vehicles are always clean, loaded, and ready for the next event. We should always be ready to roll to a last-minute opportunity. Ensure vehicles are properly maintained (oil changes, tire pressure, wiper blades, gasoline, etc.). Take ownership of the promotional process and see projects through to the end. Plan and execute meaningful promotions meetings. Manage and drive the flow of promotion-related communication. Recap events of the previous week at promo meetings. Schedule and coordinate station talent at promotional events. Plan out in advance a calendar of large community events, and develop an involvement plan. Manage the promotions budget by working with the Business and Market Managers.

The promotion director is a "people person" position. Townsquare Media is looking for someone who is energetic, outgoing and well organized, and who has strong computer literacy and solid writing abilities. Because the promotion director oversees a department within our organization, we are looking for someone with supervisory experience. Prior experience working in marketing or promotions within the same or a similar industry is preferred.


DEADLINE: 2013-04-30