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President and General Manager

GEB America`s President and General Manager is the Chief Operating Officer at the media distribution platform and television station and network. All departments report directly to the President/GM.

The President/GM sets the work ethic, tone and pace of the station/network. They will predict market trends; set budgets and performance expectations; ensure the station is in compliance with all equal employment opportunity (EEO) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements; and have overall responsibility for maintaining the station`s reputation and market image.

The President/GM has final say on station/network hires and keeps both on-air and behind-the-scenes talent in step with overall station directives. They create a clear vision for the station and the blueprints for success that every staffer is expected to follow.

The bottom line stops with the President/GM, who is charged with growing the station`s profitability. Advertising and airtime sales revenue is crucial to a television station`s financial security and, as a result, relationship-building with programmers, advertisers and potential advertisers is a significant area of the President/GM responsibilities. The President/GM is heavily involved in the station`s sales efforts and is generally expected to participate in sales presentations along with members of the sales staff. The President/GM must find creative ways to profit and succeed despite obstacles.

Every television station cultivates its own public image, based on its local market and community needs. As a result, the President/GM is committed to involving the station in community events and public affairs. Television stations and Networks are visible leaders in their markets, and many leaders choose to deliver on-air editorials to voice opinions about community issues at large.



  • Bachelor Degree Required
  • 10-15 years experience in broadcast and/or TV network management and TV network platform development
  • Required to maintain full-time office responsibilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Please submit the UBI application to Human Resources:

DEADLINE: 2013-01-31