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KTUU-TV Director

The Director is ultimately responsible for all technical aspects of the live news production, as well as coordination with the News Department and PCR (Production Control Room) crew to create a smooth, error-free on-air news product. The shift for this full-time position includes weekends.

Serves as immediate shift supervisor of the rest of the PCR crew. Provides first point of contact for resolving personnel or equipment issues in the absence of a higher-level manager.


  • Knowledge of the various computers running production-related software, their interactions with each other and their functioning as part of an interconnected automation system.
  • Ability to communicate with crew & talent accurately, quickly, efficiently, effectively.
  • Foster close teamwork and cooperation among PCR crew and between crew and News Department – serve as a communications gateway between the Newsroom and Operations.
  • Ability to operate and train others on all the PCR production equipment, requiring a working knowledge of various positions, including:
    • Director
    • Technical Director
    • Chyron Operator
    • Audio Operator
    • Shading Engineer
    • Tape Operator/Digital Server Playout Operator
    • Live Van Operator
    • Studio/Remote Camera Operator
    • Floor Director
    • Teleprompter Operator.
  • Manage the PCR crew to ensure daily responsibilities are covered.
  • Develop co-workers by ensuring they are cross-trained in the different positions available.
  • Be a watchdog for the technical quality of the newscasts and work with management and engineering to find ways to improve and develop solutions to problem areas.
  • Supervise production of live updates and/or tape updates for 3pm and 4pm and other updates and promos immediately following most newscasts.
  • Evening Newscast Production:
    • Coordinate pre-production of any elements needed by the News department.
    • Work with the News Room Producer to ensure the show rundowns are accurate for on-air execution.
    • Utilizing Associated Press's Electronic News Production System (ENPS), and in partnership with the Assistant Director, build on-air playback commands via Media Object Server (MOS) commands for the various interfaced equipment per show requirements, including dropping specific codes into ENPS rundown that specify what channel video elements will appear in News Q Pro.
    • Double-check various Chyron codes are set to load in their correct channels.
    • Clean up the rundown to ensure clear information exists for live shots and camera events. **Begin dropping in Overdrive commands into scripts.
    • Ensure final rundowns are printed and distributed by 4:30 p.m.
    • On headset at 15 minutes to air (5:45 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 9:45 p.m.).
    • Prepare switcher, robotic cameras, Chyron LEX and Overdrive system for air.
    • Direct the newscast while operating the Overdrive automation system (equivalent of Technical Director, Playout Operator and Chyron Operator).
    • Write and e-mail reports detailing any problems with the newscasts.
  • Responsible for ensuring that qualified personnel are available throughout the shift to assist the News Department with anticipated and unanticipated technical needs, such as setting up an unexpected news update for breaking news, helping with a dub, etc.
  • Responsible to assist in coordinating coverage of absences (primary responsibility of the Assistant Operations Manager).

Send cover letter, resume, and job application (available on web site) to: NORTHERN LIGHTS MEDIA, INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Offers of employment are contingent upon a pre-employment background check.

DEADLINE: 2012-12-31